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The smoking rebel returns

Pop culture references to smoking, even in the new kid-flick “Rango”, are on the rise and probably contributing to a stubbornly stable teen smoking rate.

The great chocolate war

Candy giants Hershey and Mars are at each other’s throats over packaging design.

How to make cigarettes sexy again

Proposed warning labels for cigarettes go for graphic shock value, but they could backfire.

FTC Smackdown!

The FTC is taking aim at transparency online for reviewers and bloggers with a couple of high profile busts.

Marketing “Made in the USA” in 2010

Domestic manufacturers are feeling pressure to tout their USA-cred, but does it make sense?

Has it become unethical to market tanning?

The evidence is becoming undeniable – tanning can kill you. How can we justify continuing to market the service?

Got Mammary Gland Excretions?

The National Milk Producers Federation wants us to stop calling soy milk, “milk”.

Jared’s gotten faaaaaaat!

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle (and his recent weight gain) puts the company in a sticky situation regarding new FTC rules.

The (South) Butt of the Joke?

The South Butt and both borrow visually from larger cousins The North Face and the Humane Society of the United States; both are legally problematic, but only one is a marketing problem.

Obamatunistic Advertising

Jacket maker Weatherproof Garment Company took advantage of a GQ-style photo of the President standing in front of the picturesque Great Wall of China.

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