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March Madness Viewing is a Team Sport

Arbitron data showed 20% of the NCAA Basketball Tournament audience watched outside the home.

Pampers Latina marketing ventures into messy territory

Pampers campaign targeting Latina mothers makes sense, but the gutsy messaging could raise eyebrows.

The “real” Las Vegas is not what you think

Las Vegas residents are so good at putting on a show that if you’re not careful, you’ll believe that’s how they really are.

Kids may want their veggies after all

As one of the most trusted brands in juices, V8 is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a huge beverage trend.

Gluten-Free and Suddenly-Relevant Branding

Main line brands are ceding position in the gluten-free marketplace to their natural and organic competition.

Toning Shoes: A triumph of marketing over science

The scientific community says “toning shoes” are a waste of money, but the market potential says otherwise.

What if acupuncture really worked?

Scientific studies show acupuncture really does work; what does it mean for the brand of alternative medicine?

Barabasi, Foursquare, and the brave new world of location marketing

A new study provides the theoretic foundation of what we suspected all along: People are highly predictable animals.

“91 degree water: Feels like you’re learning in a tub.”

Foss Swim Academy listened the concerns of little kids when it reaches out to parents.

Burger King’s (unemployed) legion of fans

Burger King is learning the hard way that its core 18-34 year old male demographic is disproportionately affected by the economic recession.

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