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Looking behind those bright green eyes

1. FDA-approved eyelash enhancer Latisse may not seem like a big healthcare deal, but its ads are a great way to show how persuasive strategy works in big pharma advertising.
2. The ad uses classic techniques (primacy/recency, visual supremacy, and disassociation) to sell its message.
3. It uses those same techniques to downplay potential side effects. It may not be a big deal with Latisse, but other drugs are not so benign.

Ever heard of fibromyalgia?

Key Points:
1. Fibromyalgia is an example of drug company marketing at its best: Convincing the medical establishment to pay attention to real suffering.
2. Fibromyalgia is also an example of drug company marketing at its worst: Using emotional tactics to boost prescriptions.
3. Regardless of the final judgment, we cannot ignore the power of giving a vague set of symptoms a legitimate name.

A breath of fresh air (and a word of caution) for the future of stem cells

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group No one had ever tried a bronchial transplant before. Minor bronchial abnormalities and injuries are not life threatening. When you add the very real risks of immune system rejection, attempting a transplant often isn’t worth it. That’s the situation Claudio Castillo of Spain found herself in. With one normal […]

The brain: A smart brand position for Medtronic

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group It’s a brain pacemaker. Perhaps you have heard of it. It has been about a year since most of us got our first look at Medtronic’s Activa Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) implantable device. To the layperson, and on a very basic level, it functions akin a “traditional” pacemaker for […]


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