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Duets: Double the Benefit, Double the Risk

Pop artists are heavily leveraging the concept of strategic partnerships (collaboration) to reach ever more fragmented audiences.

March Madness Viewing is a Team Sport

Arbitron data showed 20% of the NCAA Basketball Tournament audience watched outside the home.

I don’t enjoy the New York Times *that* much

Instead of an ever-fancier paywall, publications such as the New York Times should consider simpler collective subscription models similar to cable television.

Will Apple do for (to) TV what it did for (to) music?

Apple and Disney are reportedly in talks to sell/rent individual TV episodes for 99 cents.

If you like Robin Hood, then I don’t

But if I like Robin hood, then I think you should too. Recent research helps us sort out this mental mess.

Can we OD on 3D?

Interest in 3D at the movies will likely speed the adoption curve of 3DTV at home.

CR does a 180 on the 460

Toyota’s decision to halt sales of the Lexus GX 460 shows the power of the Consumer Reports brand.

Blockbuster’s last best hope for survival

By locking Redbox and Netflix out of new movies for 28 days, Blockbuster hopes to drive people into their stores. It is unlikely to work.

How the DVR is saving TV advertising

Contrary to popular belief, DVR owners willingly watch 10 percent more ads than the rest of the viewing audience. And that’s a good thing for the networks.

Halo Strong. Army Strong.

At a recruiting cash burn rate of nearly $100 million per month, the US Army is getting creative.

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