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Kids may want their veggies after all

As one of the most trusted brands in juices, V8 is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a huge beverage trend.

The great chocolate war

Candy giants Hershey and Mars are at each other’s throats over packaging design.

How to make cigarettes sexy again

Proposed warning labels for cigarettes go for graphic shock value, but they could backfire.

Will “corn sugar” change the debate?

Changing “High Fructose Corn Syrup” to “Corn Sugar” seems simple, but it is likely just enough to inoculate the issue for the corn refining industry.

Got Mammary Gland Excretions?

The National Milk Producers Federation wants us to stop calling soy milk, “milk”.

News Flash! Camel Ads Work on Teen Girls

A marketing blitz for Camel’s No. 9 cigarette brand (supposedly aimed at adults) seems to have caught the fancy on teen girls. Big surprise.

Feeding Cats B.A.R.F.

An “organic” trend in pet food (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) was almost inevitable.

When food labels lie

Wide discrepancy in stated vs. actual nutritional content in many foods erodes the confidence marketers need in order to build advertising claims.

Better Bathroom Habits: Courtesy of Charmin

Employing a classic problem/solution advertising formula, P&G’s Charmin brand tackles some of our most private problems.

Snow Leopards Helping Snow Leopards

New Snow Leopard imagery for Apple’s new operating system is spurring people to act on behalf of the real cats.

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