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HealthPartners, Virtuwell, and Hypercompetition

Virtuwell completes the HealthPartners complete care value proposition. Now they just need to explain it to us.

CPSC Credibility (Marketing) Gap

Federal watchdog agencies clearly fail to keep up with product and food safety issues, but they also fail to communicate effectively.

Kids may want their veggies after all

As one of the most trusted brands in juices, V8 is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a huge beverage trend.

Kinect and the Brave New World of Brand Experience

Microsoft’s new Kinect system could be a boon for marketers who want next-generation product demonstrations.

Gluten-Free and Suddenly-Relevant Branding

Main line brands are ceding position in the gluten-free marketplace to their natural and organic competition.

The value of silver

Silver-infused cleaning products, clothing, towels, and bed sheets represent disruptive innovation in the $5 billion US household chemical market.

Toning Shoes: A triumph of marketing over science

The scientific community says “toning shoes” are a waste of money, but the market potential says otherwise.

When will Americans see the Tatas?

The Indian carmaker will be more like Hyundai than Yugo; here’s what it means for the bottom of the American market.

Mobile Malware: The Worm in the Apple

It is only a matter of time before mobile viruses, worms, and Trojan horses change the infallibility mystique of the Apple brand.

Got Mammary Gland Excretions?

The National Milk Producers Federation wants us to stop calling soy milk, “milk”.

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