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Tarnished Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson isn’t heeding its own lessons in crisis communication.


A snowstorm, an airport, and an extra night in a hotel give you a lot of time to think about crisis messaging.

How to make cigarettes sexy again

Proposed warning labels for cigarettes go for graphic shock value, but they could backfire.

Flu Fighters

The “Theory of Trying” gives us insight into persuasion attempts to get people to take seasonal flu vaccination seriously.

Will “corn sugar” change the debate?

Changing “High Fructose Corn Syrup” to “Corn Sugar” seems simple, but it is likely just enough to inoculate the issue for the corn refining industry.

No more Bing bling

Microsoft has pulled the plug on a little-publicized and little-utilized cash rebate system for its Bing browser.

Has it become unethical to market tanning?

The evidence is becoming undeniable – tanning can kill you. How can we justify continuing to market the service?

If you like Robin Hood, then I don’t

But if I like Robin hood, then I think you should too. Recent research helps us sort out this mental mess.

Why do tornados still kill people?

Last week’s tornados in Ohio are a deadly reminder of the power of “scripts” to predict behavior.

What if acupuncture really worked?

Scientific studies show acupuncture really does work; what does it mean for the brand of alternative medicine?

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