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March Madness Viewing is a Team Sport

Arbitron data showed 20% of the NCAA Basketball Tournament audience watched outside the home.

Firing Crispin won’t save the King

Burger King is an a terrible market position, squeezed from the bottom by McDonald’s and the top by Chipotle et al.

Pampers Latina marketing ventures into messy territory

Pampers campaign targeting Latina mothers makes sense, but the gutsy messaging could raise eyebrows.

How to make cigarettes sexy again

Proposed warning labels for cigarettes go for graphic shock value, but they could backfire.

WattStation: The “Vision” Charging Station

GE’s WattStation helps give us a glimpse into the future of an electrical auto infrastructure years before it will actually arrive.

FTC Smackdown!

The FTC is taking aim at transparency online for reviewers and bloggers with a couple of high profile busts.

Will Apple do for (to) TV what it did for (to) music?

Apple and Disney are reportedly in talks to sell/rent individual TV episodes for 99 cents.

Marketing “Made in the USA” in 2010

Domestic manufacturers are feeling pressure to tout their USA-cred, but does it make sense?

No more Bing bling

Microsoft has pulled the plug on a little-publicized and little-utilized cash rebate system for its Bing browser.

Hello Ladies…would you please buy Old Spice?

Preliminary sales figures for Old Spice are not promising despite the popularity of the latest campaign – but is that fair to expect at this point?

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