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Tarnished Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson isn’t heeding its own lessons in crisis communication.

CPSC Credibility (Marketing) Gap

Federal watchdog agencies clearly fail to keep up with product and food safety issues, but they also fail to communicate effectively.

Moscow’s image: Up and running within hours

In a matter of hours following an apparent suicide attack, Moscow resumed normal operations at its Domodedovo airport.

Who wants to see the killer killer whale?

Perhaps paradoxically, Seaworld in Orlando might actually see an attendance boost stemming from the recent death of an orca trainer.

The (South) Butt of the Joke?

The South Butt and both borrow visually from larger cousins The North Face and the Humane Society of the United States; both are legally problematic, but only one is a marketing problem.

Toyota in Crisis: Tylenol Extra Strength or Ford Explorer?

The world’s number one automaker has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect its most valuable asset – its reputation.

Obamatunistic Advertising

Jacket maker Weatherproof Garment Company took advantage of a GQ-style photo of the President standing in front of the picturesque Great Wall of China.

Tiger’s sponsors have only themselves to blame

With billions of dollars in brand equity on the line, not one of Tiger’s sponsors had a realistic backup plan when things went wrong.

(The perception of) H1N1 is out of control

A modest proposal for adult supervision of the H1N1 media frenzy.

Pfizer fine: $2.3 billion. Result: Who cares?

A blockbuster fine leveled by the Justice Department is unlikely to hurt Pfizer’s blockbuster prescription drug business.

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