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Live (Virtual) Test Drive: Marketing Gimmick or Marketing Driver?

Mitsubishi rigged a new Outlander for remote operation via the internet – expect to see this catch on.

WattStation: The “Vision” Charging Station

GE’s WattStation helps give us a glimpse into the future of an electrical auto infrastructure years before it will actually arrive.

Marketing “Made in the USA” in 2010

Domestic manufacturers are feeling pressure to tout their USA-cred, but does it make sense?

When will Americans see the Tatas?

The Indian carmaker will be more like Hyundai than Yugo; here’s what it means for the bottom of the American market.

CR does a 180 on the 460

Toyota’s decision to halt sales of the Lexus GX 460 shows the power of the Consumer Reports brand.

The Japanese Hummer Green Machine

Hummer’s H3 model is enjoying success in Japan as a “green” vehicle. Go figure.

Who wants a watered-down Bimmer?

BMW’s new “Joy” campaign seems a bit down-market for the lux German brand.

Toyota in Crisis: Tylenol Extra Strength or Ford Explorer?

The world’s number one automaker has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect its most valuable asset – its reputation.

Porsche goes to the gorilla!

Unheard of 1.9% financing is a bad deal for the Porsche brand.

Cash for Clunkers isn’t really about cars

1. There is little doubt the “Cash for Clunkers” generated intense activity and excitement, running out of money in the space of one week.
2. However, the real-dollar impact on the auto industry (or on any other tangible measure you like) of the program is modest at best.
3. The true impact is psychological, working quite efficiently to change the public outlook.

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