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March Madness Viewing is a Team Sport

Arbitron data showed 20% of the NCAA Basketball Tournament audience watched outside the home.

Like It Or Not, A New Vikings Stadium Is Coming

The dramatic collapse of the roof of the HHH Metrodome during this month’s winter storm is the last nail in the coffin.

The Wild ride couldn’t last

Falling attendance at Minnesota Wild games might be disheartening, but it was inevitable.

Minor leagues, major benefits for SAYB

A little league cost cutting move should have a series of positive side benefits.

“91 degree water: Feels like you’re learning in a tub.”

Foss Swim Academy listened the concerns of little kids when it reaches out to parents.

The Bryant McKinnie school of brand management

You’d think for a player selected to his first Pro Bowl, Bryant McKinnie be a little more committed.

Tiger’s sponsors have only themselves to blame

With billions of dollars in brand equity on the line, not one of Tiger’s sponsors had a realistic backup plan when things went wrong.

Girls just didn’t want to have (fantasy) fun

1. was a short-lived experiment bringing the fantasy sports idea to soap opera viewers.
2. The temptation is strong; fantasy sports leagues are huge moneymakers, in addition to providing a wealth of psychographic data.
3. But soap enthusiasts didn’t buy in like the guys did; what sounded like a great idea simply died on the vine.

How to get kids to wear mouthguards

1. Young athletes are very likely to experience a mouth injury during their sports careers, but most parents and players resist calls to wear mouth guards.
2. The dental industry has a great product – the custom mouthguard – but adoption is low due to poor marketing.
3. Customizable options (colors, team logos, and MLB endorsements) could encourage players to want to wear mouth guards in a pull marketing strategy – a “win” for everyone involved.

Detroit and its Lions: Looking for a new roar

1. The city of Detroit and its NFL franchise Lions mirror each other’s woes. Both are in search of wins right now.
2. The new Lions logo is a striking visual evolution; likely to drive renewed interest as well as a surge in merchandise and ticket sales.
3. Also a symbolic psychological change, the visual represents a new beginning and new hope for the team and its hometown.

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