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Pampers Latina marketing ventures into messy territory

Pampers campaign targeting Latina mothers makes sense, but the gutsy messaging could raise eyebrows.

Elevated stupidity alert from Symantec

Rapper Snoop Dogg makes a befuddling choice of spokesperson for computer security giant Symantec.

FTC Smackdown!

The FTC is taking aim at transparency online for reviewers and bloggers with a couple of high profile busts.

Privacy problems will kill Facebook

For the vast majority of low-intensity users, lower privacy means higher perceived risk.

Barabasi, Foursquare, and the brave new world of location marketing

A new study provides the theoretic foundation of what we suspected all along: People are highly predictable animals.

3/50, Local Purchasing, and Irrational Behavior

The Buy Local movement has gained steam in the last 12 months, but is it sustainable?

The Politics of Personal Branding

Social networks Facebook and Twitter give us the wonderful opportunity to slit our own professional throats.

Is six hours of social networking per month worth an advertiser’s time?

What’s interesting for advertisers is the social media trend line, certainly, but I’m a bit suspicious. Advertisers haven’t yet been able to really monetize activity here, and I think I know why.

Snow Leopards Helping Snow Leopards

New Snow Leopard imagery for Apple’s new operating system is spurring people to act on behalf of the real cats.

Micro-marketing magic in the Target proxy fight

1. Hedge fund manager William Ackman saw an opportunity to shake up the board of directors at Target, but the company used its marketing muscle to put down the challenge.
2. The campaign had all the makings of a classic, well-executed political campaign with direct communication with voters.
3. What made the campaign game-changing was the outpouring from the social media and blogging community (over 10 to 1 on Target’s side) – a strategy other proxy battles are now likely to employ.


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