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The smoking rebel returns

Pop culture references to smoking, even in the new kid-flick “Rango”, are on the rise and probably contributing to a stubbornly stable teen smoking rate.

How to make cigarettes sexy again

Proposed warning labels for cigarettes go for graphic shock value, but they could backfire.

Has it become unethical to market tanning?

The evidence is becoming undeniable – tanning can kill you. How can we justify continuing to market the service?

American History could use a Sicko

Undrafted NFL tight end Scott Sicko could be the next game-changing spokesperson for American History.

News Flash! Camel Ads Work on Teen Girls

A marketing blitz for Camel’s No. 9 cigarette brand (supposedly aimed at adults) seems to have caught the fancy on teen girls. Big surprise.

You can’t “Leggo your Eggo” if you can’t get one

Production problems at Kellogg’s Eggo processing plant in Atlanta pose significant risks to the brand – and an opening for competitors.

“91 degree water: Feels like you’re learning in a tub.”

Foss Swim Academy listened the concerns of little kids when it reaches out to parents.

Artsonia: Finally, marketing involving kids I can agree with

Bringing the “iPhoto” idea into the elementary school classroom makes both good business and good marketing sense.

Unhealthy Advertising

Yale University wins today’s award for discovering the obvious: Cinnamon Toast Crunch is marketed (heavily) to kids.


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