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Duets: Double the Benefit, Double the Risk

Pop artists are heavily leveraging the concept of strategic partnerships (collaboration) to reach ever more fragmented audiences.

The smoking rebel returns

Pop culture references to smoking, even in the new kid-flick “Rango”, are on the rise and probably contributing to a stubbornly stable teen smoking rate.

Elevated stupidity alert from Symantec

Rapper Snoop Dogg makes a befuddling choice of spokesperson for computer security giant Symantec.

Hello Ladies…would you please buy Old Spice?

Preliminary sales figures for Old Spice are not promising despite the popularity of the latest campaign – but is that fair to expect at this point?

American History could use a Sicko

Undrafted NFL tight end Scott Sicko could be the next game-changing spokesperson for American History.

Obamatunistic Advertising

Jacket maker Weatherproof Garment Company took advantage of a GQ-style photo of the President standing in front of the picturesque Great Wall of China.

Tiger’s sponsors have only themselves to blame

With billions of dollars in brand equity on the line, not one of Tiger’s sponsors had a realistic backup plan when things went wrong.

Looking behind those bright green eyes

1. FDA-approved eyelash enhancer Latisse may not seem like a big healthcare deal, but its ads are a great way to show how persuasive strategy works in big pharma advertising.
2. The ad uses classic techniques (primacy/recency, visual supremacy, and disassociation) to sell its message.
3. It uses those same techniques to downplay potential side effects. It may not be a big deal with Latisse, but other drugs are not so benign.

Pot Poaches the Phelps Phenomenon

Key Points:
1. Photos of Michael Phelps smoking marijuana seriously damaged his brand – and the potential that came with it. Some sponsors are staying on, but the damage is done.
2. Arguing Michael Phelps is “just a kid” or “just an athlete” does a disservice to his life of high expectations, but nonetheless highlights the inherent risk in corporate sponsorship.
3. Michael Jordan provides a suitable athletic role model, managing top-tier success and all the expectations and trappings that come with it, to create a top global brand.

Guns N’ Roses vs. Dr. Pepper

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group I am not sure who exactly at Dr. Pepper headquarters thought this was a good idea. The oddly-flavored soft drink peddler decided to give everyone in the United States a free Dr. Pepper on one condition: The venerable Guns N’ Roses needed to release their 17-year-belated studio album – […]

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