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HealthPartners, Virtuwell, and Hypercompetition

Virtuwell completes the HealthPartners complete care value proposition. Now they just need to explain it to us.

Tarnished Tylenol

Johnson & Johnson isn’t heeding its own lessons in crisis communication.

Starbucks minus Starbucks

Q: When do you know if your venerable brand is ready to lose the name and rely on logo alone? A: You just know.


A snowstorm, an airport, and an extra night in a hotel give you a lot of time to think about crisis messaging.

Flu Fighters

The “Theory of Trying” gives us insight into persuasion attempts to get people to take seasonal flu vaccination seriously.

The Wild ride couldn’t last

Falling attendance at Minnesota Wild games might be disheartening, but it was inevitable.

Elevated stupidity alert from Symantec

Rapper Snoop Dogg makes a befuddling choice of spokesperson for computer security giant Symantec.

No more Bing bling

Microsoft has pulled the plug on a little-publicized and little-utilized cash rebate system for its Bing browser.

Toning Shoes: A triumph of marketing over science

The scientific community says “toning shoes” are a waste of money, but the market potential says otherwise.

Bad, ASPCA! Bad!

Resorting to aggressive direct marketing strategies could be a sign of frustration at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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