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Best Practices in Special Events Marketing: The NFL Scores Another Touchdown

AUTHOR: Chuck Tomkovick, Professor, University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Editor’s Note: We have a special treat for you on State of the Brand. Chuck Tomkovick, one of the nation’s leading researchers on Super Bowl advertising, is our guest writer today. I asked him to contribute a column on this topic because, well, it’s that […]

The Amusement Park Formerly Known As Camp Snoopy: The trouble with mascots

Author: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group Camp Snoopy is no more. Not the park, mind you, but the name. Last week, management at the Bloomington-based Mall of America announced it could not reach an agreement with United Media, the company who owns the rights to the Peanuts characters. In less complicated terms, “Camp Snoopy” […]

How the name “Ameriprise” got it wrong

AUTHOR: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group The name ‘Ameriprise’ was a mistake, but not for the reason you think I would give. Some would see the combination of the words ‘American’ and ‘Enterprise’ as a perfect fit for a personal financial planning company. Others see the technique as repetitive and opportunistic. Aesthetics is largely […]

How Target fights homogenization (and I’m not talking “milk”)

Author: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group Blame the internet. If I want to buy the newest Toshiba personal DVD player, I have no less than two-dozen places to compare prices and purchase the same model. While it is true retailers try several techniques to differentiate themselves – more rebates (no one likes these), better […]

How Neutrogena manages to market women’s products to men

Neutrogena had a problem. They made great skin care products. They came recommended by dermatologists. They knew their market. The problem was, so did lots of other great companies. Marketing skin care products to women is a crowded, cutthroat business. Neutrogena was getting squeezed.

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