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Reinventing an American Icon: The new look of AT&T

Author: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group I think the Fab 5 from Bravo TV’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy would be proud. The new look of AT&T is truly AT&T – only better. Needless to say, the AT&T image was in serious need of a makeover. From a visual perspective, the logo was […]

The Gold Medal for the World’s Most Well-Recognized Brand Goes To . . .

Author: Jason Voiovich – Principal, Ecra Creative Group The Olympics, of course. No other brand really comes close on the international stage. The Olympic “brand” – what it symbolizes beyond the mere name – is the most well recognized concept in the world. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. While many commentators in the United States yawn […]

Exubera Inhaled Insulin: Maybe the best prescription drug name ever

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group A few weeks ago, one of my son’s friends came to visit. He brought his older brother along. His older brother is insulin dependant. He carried a small, black bag. Three times a day, he needs to remove a needle from the bag, uncap it, and inject himself. […]

5-Bladed Razors and Semi-Truck SUVs – Using brands to spot a product life cycle in decline

Author: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group So how many blades does it take to shave the male beard? If you asked my grandfather, he would say “one”. Ask my father and you would get the same answer. Ask Gillette, and the answer is “five” (“six” if you count the blade on the back of […]


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