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What a difference a good sign makes: Building trust at Lee’s Champion Taekwondo Academy in Burnsville

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Editor’s note: Most of us are familiar with names like Target, Medtronic, Ameriprise, Camp Snoopy, and the Superbowl. By using well-known brands like these as starting points, we can examine important branding issues without a great deal of background information. And while instructive, understanding the successes and failures […]

Building your brand by doing some good: The Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal Ecra Creative Group The truth hurts: Marketing communications are perceived as only slightly more altruistic than political ads. And when was the last time you thought a candidate’s ad was sincere? Medtronic is working on breaking through our skepticism: Sponsoring “Nation’s most beautiful urban marathon” is a very good start. Here’s […]

Segway® has become a Kleenex®. A cautionary tale for disruptive technologies

Author: Jason Voiovich, Principal, Ecra Creative Group There is quite the brouhaha simmering in the Segway® dealer community. You know, Segway, the battery-powered, gyroscope-controlled, scooter “thing”. If I am not describing it well enough (and I admit I am not), click here to see one: The problem should be obvious by now. No one, […]

Chinese companies do not want American Jobs. They want American brands. The Levono case

By Jason Voiovich Principal Ecra Creative Group Riddle me this. Why do you think a reputable Chinese company (computer-maker Levono in this case) – who you would assume employs competent executives – or could at least hire competent consultants – or could at least read a newspaper – would purchase IBM’s struggling personal computer business? […]


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