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Ethanol has a major image problem

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Sometimes, even the President touting your cause isn’t enough. Last week, when President Bush outlined steps to help reduce the price of gasoline at the pump, ethanol was on the agenda. In fact, it has been on his agenda for months. He even called America “addicted to foreign […]

The fight for the Grand Avenue brand

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group A few years ago I gave a talk to a group of chemical products distributors. My twenty-minute discussion of retail channel branding ended with one unmistakable conclusion: The franchise had taken over. Why? The appeal is not hard to understand. People crave consistency. They like predictability. Somehow it […]

A new logo ain’t gonna cut it: Kodak is in big trouble

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group I have an admission. I never liked film cameras. I could never get the film in. They jammed. They made horrible clicking sounds. The flash would never turn on when I wanted it to. It didn’t matter that processing only took an hour; my pictures never turned out […]

Here’s to honesty in advertising: Lessons we can learn from “Crazy People”

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Sometimes we need a good reminder not to take our businesses, our brands, and ourselves for that matter, quite so seriously. Paramount Pictures 1990 movie Crazy People does a nice job of taking all of us in the creative business down a notch. The basic premise of the […]

Target’s LIFELong™ commitment to pets

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group On first glance, it is not hard to understand why Target Corporation would launch its own brand of ultra-premium pet food: LIFELong™. Target was among the first to introduce Iams® pet foods into its stores (previously Iams only was available in specialty pet food outlets PetCo and PetsMart). […]


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