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The Way (much faster) Forward: Brand consolidation is on its way to Ford Motor Company

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group And then there will be three. Brands that is. At least, that’s the conventional wisdom leaking out of Ford’s updated and faster version of its “The Way Forward” restructuring plan. Back to the brand strategy in a minute. You would have to be living under a rock lately […]

How Steve Irwin (and the brand he created) changed the way we see Mother Nature forever

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group It was a freak accident. The lovable “Croc Hunter” was on location off the coast of northern Australia filming an underwater documentary on September 4, when from the sandy bottom it struck. The stingray is a master of disguise. Biological relatives of sharks, this one lay invisible until […]

Messing with good thing? Monday Night Football moves to ESPN

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group It just isn’t the same. As the Vikings get set to begin their season tonight against the Washington Redskins, this will be the first Monday game in over three decades not to be seen on prime time network television. That is a run of over 550 games. As […]

Smirk: A great name getting started in the very tough portrait photo business.

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group I remember getting my “portrait” taken when I was a kid. At school. After gym class. In front of a gray background. It felt like an assembly line. Check that, it was an assembly line. An assembly line that churned out despicable little wallet photos for your parents. […]


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