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It’s the Tylenol scare all over again

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Anyone over 30 remembers the Tylenol scare. It was 1982. Seven people had died violently and suddenly after swallowing tainted Extra-Strength Tylenol tablets. It was cyanide, and each capsule was laced with enough of it to kill a thousand people. Tylenol was being pulled from store shelves. The […]

The colonel rides again at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Colonel Sanders has been reincarnated. This time his likeness graces the new Kentucky Fried Chicken logo. The venerable Kentucky chef gets a updated look with bold colors, his classic bow tie, and his ultra-retro goatee. Gone are the initials “KFC”. Back are the classic taglines “Finger Lickin’ Good!” […]

Firedog set to take a bite out of the Geek Squad

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Our collective love affair with the nerd might be waning. With our relentless integration of technology into our lives, the nerd was the knight in shining armor who liberated us from complexity and made our computers work for us. But advanced technology is no longer the private estate […]

How to use a Bully to help repair your image

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Imagine a day in the life of a Rockstar Games PR executive. Your company has developed and marketed the most popular video game series of all time: Grand Theft Auto. No other single piece of media has generated so much public indignation in the last decade. And to […]


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