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How Nintendo is remaking its brand and reinventing its market.

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group My wife calls them “sleepers”. That’s the lingo at Target, anyway. They are the huddled masses who wait in line with lawn chairs and sleeping bags, often overnight, at places like Target and Best Buy for the hope of buying this year’s hottest electronics item. And as desperately […]

An open letter to the Bank of New York (Mellon)

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Congratulations on your recent merger with Mellon Financial Corporation. No doubt the size of the merger (a reported $16.5 billion) was a thoroughly challenging transaction, even for a financial services company with the resources and expertise of the Bank of New York. By all reports, most aspects of […]

ProShop@Home: In-home golf product sales for men?

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group Home parties aren’t just for Tupperware® anymore. The home party industry tops $40 billion annually in the US, mostly from in-person sales of kitchenware, jewelry and cosmetics. And almost exclusively from women. But that’s changing. A little. ProShop@Home is not your mother’s Tupperware party. Golf experts bring the […]

A Best Buy for her.

Author: Jason Voiovich Principal, Ecra Creative Group If you want to sell more, you need to make it easy to buy. For Best Buy, they do make buying easy. In fact, they make it very easy. For men. Rows and rows of inventory display every conceivable option. Blaring music shows off crystal clear sound. Salespeople […]


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