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Gaah! Pringles come in bags!

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Hell hath frozen over. In all seriousness, I never thought I would see the day. The company who thought up the world’s best snack transport mechanism has sold out. New “Pringles Select” and “Pringles Minis” chips are being sold in (gasp) bags. Pringles Selects is the company’s answer to […]

A real social networking pioneer: “Taste of Home”

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Chad Hurley and Steve Chen really did do something new. (Or so you thought). As founders of the uber-popular You Tube, they created a user community in which people all over the world could share self-made videos, rate other peoples’ creations, and interact with filmmakers they never would have […]

1421: The book that introduced history authors to branding

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group The story of 1421: The Year China Discovered America basically goes like this. In 1421, after recently completing work on the famed “Forbidden City”, the new Chinese emperor Zhu Di dispatched Admiral Zheng He with the largest treasure fleet the world had ever seen. Hundreds of ships from China […]

The Target debit card: Employee marketing is only the beginning

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group This isn’t your average piece of plastic. It is not a VISA or MasterCard. It is not a store credit card. It is not even (technically) a loyalty card. It is much better than any of those things. Target recently has introduced its newest financial invention: The Target debit […]


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