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What the Delta-Northwest merger means for the Minnesota brand

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group It is not the first time we’ve lost one. Corporate headquarters, that is. The upcoming Delta-Northwest merger (though not officially “set in stone” as of today’s date) likely will find the headquarters of the merged company with Delta in Atlanta, Georgia. But other than that, as many analysts are […]

The stickier name wins: Blu-Ray stomps HD-DVD

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Sony was determined not to let it happen again. For those of you in Generation Y, let me explain. Back in the early days of the Video Cassette Recorder, there was not one, but two cassette formats. Betamax came first in 1975. Developed and launched by Sony, the Betamax […]

The surprisingly costly $1 cup of Starbucks

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Starbucks has lost its way. It’s hard to blame them. Once the undisputed king (queen?) of high-end coffee, Starbucks has seen Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee emerge as a legitimate number two competitor (although not without problems of its own). Seattle’s Best and Dunn Bros. remain scrappy in certain markets. Dunkin’ […]

50 years of LEGOs: The most successful toy brand of all time

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group What makes the LEGO brand so strong? One way might to make that judgment would be to examine the toy brands that (largely) came and went over the intervening period. LEGOs grew up in the era of Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. […]


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