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A Vista by any other name…

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group If a child acted this way, we might call it a cry for help. But this is no little kid. And it is no little company. For Microsoft’s much-maligned Vista operating system, the company’s advertising seems to indicate an angry inner child bent on lashing out. The latest series […]

Kinko’s (the moniker). 1970-2008. R.I.P.

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group As someone who loves good corporate names, this is a sad day. The folks at FedEx who purchased the ubiquitous Kinko’s chain in 2004 for $2.4 billion saw no further use for the “FedEx Kinko’s” combination. The new name, FedEx Office, officially wipes Kinko’s off the corporate landscape. Founded […]

How to slay the (GEIKO) caveman

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Why do real estate agents still exist? Online Multiple Listing Service (MLS) searches, price/neighborhood comparisons, virtual tours, and a cacophony of similarly powerful web-enabled tools have made finding your next home faster and easier than ever before. In fact, ten years ago, more than a few very smart analysts […]

FTTH: The world is officially spinning a bit faster

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Back in 1997, we called it the “Last Mile” problem. It related specifically to FTTH – “Fiber To The Home”. At that time, I worked as a fiber optic wonk at a local telecommunications firm. And to understand the market implications of the decisions Qwest, Verizon, and AT&T are […]

The milk marketing machine

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group The milk mustache is just the beginning. Behind the endless “got milk?” T-shirts and bumper stickers, and beyond countless celebrities sporting milk mustaches, exists a powerful dairy promotional apparatus. Of course, that’s not much of a surprise – the upper Midwest is the nation’s leading dairy region. But seeing […]


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