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Who in the world would buy canned air?

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Key points: 1. Portable oxygen remains a niche market serving athletes, spa-goers, and travelers. 2. To break out of this limiting situation, oxygen-retailers (like the locally-based Oxygen Plus) should replicate and tap the success of the $2 billion energy drink market. 3. However, wider distribution beyond its core market […]

Sea Kittens: The latest head-scratcher from PETA

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Key Points: 1. PETA hopes renaming fish “Sea Kittens” will change attitudes, leading to less fish consumption as food. 2. Ridiculous on its face, the campaign ignores thousands of years of cultural programming. 3. Worse yet, PETA risks losing the slim credibility it still maintains with the mainstream public. […]

More than squishy footballs

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group 1. Cheap imports were destroying the business model for Nerf soft sports balls. 2. A confluence of trends (“Super Soaker”, childhood obesity, and kid’s love of electronics) gave Nerf a new opportunity. 3. Nerf leveraged its “safe, active fun” brand position to rebuild the business. I shot my son […]

Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let the…

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Key Points: 1. Beg bug infestations are on the rise in hotels in the United States. And not just the cheap dives. 2. For chain hotels, the problem is particularly troublesome: Strong brand association spreads bad news fast. 3. The industry should stay quiet – for now – but […]


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