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Ever heard of fibromyalgia?

Key Points:
1. Fibromyalgia is an example of drug company marketing at its best: Convincing the medical establishment to pay attention to real suffering.
2. Fibromyalgia is also an example of drug company marketing at its worst: Using emotional tactics to boost prescriptions.
3. Regardless of the final judgment, we cannot ignore the power of giving a vague set of symptoms a legitimate name.

Macy’s fate is not (completely) Macy’s fault

Key Points:
1. Even smart promotional alignments can’t substitute for frustratingly complex fine print.
2. The department store model as a whole is in trouble, but Macy’s management (may be) showing signs of coming around.
3. However, in order to survive, Macy’s needs a complete realignment of its relationship with premium designer brands.

Pot Poaches the Phelps Phenomenon

Key Points:
1. Photos of Michael Phelps smoking marijuana seriously damaged his brand – and the potential that came with it. Some sponsors are staying on, but the damage is done.
2. Arguing Michael Phelps is “just a kid” or “just an athlete” does a disservice to his life of high expectations, but nonetheless highlights the inherent risk in corporate sponsorship.
3. Michael Jordan provides a suitable athletic role model, managing top-tier success and all the expectations and trappings that come with it, to create a top global brand.

Snuggie: The fourth horseman of advertising apocalypse

Clearly, for those with even a modest war chest, the rise of a brand like Snuggie represents the perfect opportunity to grab market share.


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