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Detroit and its Lions: Looking for a new roar

1. The city of Detroit and its NFL franchise Lions mirror each other’s woes. Both are in search of wins right now.
2. The new Lions logo is a striking visual evolution; likely to drive renewed interest as well as a surge in merchandise and ticket sales.
3. Also a symbolic psychological change, the visual represents a new beginning and new hope for the team and its hometown.

United Airlines should have kept its big fat mouth shut

Key Points:
1. United Airlines policy to charge overweight passengers for two seats caused an uproar that hardly acknowledges the raw facts of the situation.
2. The industry has responded with a mix of increased fees and reduced capacity, setting up a situation where airlines have few friends.
3. It would have been better had United not released the policy at all, but rather handled it on a discreet case-by-case basis. United over-communicated.

Fruit + Vegetable = Body Care Marketing Gold

Key Points:
1. The body and hair care market has seen an explosive rise in the number of fruit and vegetable-derived product ingredients.
2. The trend can be traced to the small – but rapidly growing – organic market as a whole, even if mainline market products are not really all that natural.
3. If you feel up to it, you too can create the next big product line, just follow my simple guide!

Snickers wants you back

Key Points:
1. Snickers latest advertising campaign is both visually and verbally clever, forcing us to take notice of the candy bar again.
2. There is good reason for M&M Mars (the maker of Snickers) to be worried. Market share for chocolate snacks is not keeping pace.
3. The popularity of ready-to-eat, pre-packaged meat, as a snack alternative, is cannibalizing other snack food market share.


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