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Scarcity marketing on display in St. Paul

1. Retail strategies based on limited hours (i.e. opening one week out of every month) may fly in the face of the 24/7 e-consumer model, but they work.
2. The success of the Fun Sisters Boutique in the moribund St. Paul skyway is case in point.
3. Creative entrepreneurs (mainly female entrepreneurs) are rediscovering and reinventing this classic of scarcity marketing.

How to get kids to wear mouthguards

1. Young athletes are very likely to experience a mouth injury during their sports careers, but most parents and players resist calls to wear mouth guards.
2. The dental industry has a great product – the custom mouthguard – but adoption is low due to poor marketing.
3. Customizable options (colors, team logos, and MLB endorsements) could encourage players to want to wear mouth guards in a pull marketing strategy – a “win” for everyone involved.

Note to Pepsi: Throw Back the Throwbacks

1. 1984 marked the emergence of one of the most successful marketing strategies of all time: Pepsi’s use of the hottest celebs to boost its brand image.
2. By 1990, Pepsi had Coca-Cola on the ropes, but a period of intense innovation in the beverage market played to Coca-Cola’s strengths.
3. Pepsi is waffling now, resorting to a poor strategy of vintage throwbacks in an attempt to be cool. Even with the natural sugar angle, it won’t work.

“Swine” flu probably won’t hurt the pork industry

1. The pork industry feels the use of the word “swine” flu to describe this latest outbreak will hurt consumption.
2. In addition to short-term market data, they cite other examples of virus-induced hysteria.
3. All that said, long-term data for public health shocks in the poultry, tomato, and spinach markets (and even the last swine flu in 1976) show little impact.


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