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Girls just didn’t want to have (fantasy) fun

1. was a short-lived experiment bringing the fantasy sports idea to soap opera viewers.
2. The temptation is strong; fantasy sports leagues are huge moneymakers, in addition to providing a wealth of psychographic data.
3. But soap enthusiasts didn’t buy in like the guys did; what sounded like a great idea simply died on the vine.

Oh, the poor Jiffy Lube guy…

1. When the shop is slow, Jiffy Lube technicians take the opportunity to drive impulse decisions from passing motorists using direct monetary incentives.
2. The immediacy of the technique makes it quite smart for the chain; Jiffy Lube has reasons for its customers not to think too hard about their decision.
3. While smart, the idea is easily imitated. Jiffy Lube might be wise to consider spicing up the incentives to drive business and boost its brand.

Looking behind those bright green eyes

1. FDA-approved eyelash enhancer Latisse may not seem like a big healthcare deal, but its ads are a great way to show how persuasive strategy works in big pharma advertising.
2. The ad uses classic techniques (primacy/recency, visual supremacy, and disassociation) to sell its message.
3. It uses those same techniques to downplay potential side effects. It may not be a big deal with Latisse, but other drugs are not so benign.

How do you achieve Victory?

1. Minnesota-based Victory Motorcycles leverages its parent company’s expertise in small engines to break into the motorcycle market.
2. But it doesn’t shy away from the fight: The company focus on high-end touring and custom bikes boldly puts them up against Harley-Davidson.
3. Victory has a fighting chance, but its growth will remain stunted unless it defines more clearly what it stands for, rather than focusing on Harley.


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