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Reinventing the image of airports. Hong Kong-style.

1. The Hong Kong airport uses a mix of cheap technology and plain old-fashioned empathy to make its flying experience markedly superior to the US.
2. The US industry, by stark contrast, thinks customer service is something that happens only when convenient for them.
3. Some say airline traffic is down because of the recession. That could be. But a more likely explanation is that most people hate the experience.

The not-so-mystery meat men of the Double R Ranch

Key Points:
1. Lund’s and Byerly’s entered into a partnership with the Double R Ranch to provide premium beef for its retail grocery stores, taking advantage of building its footprint in a rapidly growing segment.
2. However, it can be hard to distinguish the Lund’s and Byerly’s effort from similar efforts at other major grocery chains, where the “partnership” is more marketing creation than physical reality.
3. In the long-term, however, an authentic branding position has better staying power than a simply imaginary one.

No more Abercostly and Fitch

1. Abercrombie & Fitch publicly said is abandoning its premium price strategy and focusing its offerings in order to boost earnings.
2. Lowering prices, however, is a dangerous slippery slope in the fashion world. Shoppers devalue the brand, and will only buy when there’s a bargain.
3. Youth trends are fickle, but Abercrombie & Fitch could have positioned itself for success if it had only reinvented itself sooner. It is likely too late now.

“Oh my god, it’s a giant walking urine cup.”

HealthPartners’ newest oddball mascots certainly have shock value, but can they be effective?

Cash for Clunkers isn’t really about cars

1. There is little doubt the “Cash for Clunkers” generated intense activity and excitement, running out of money in the space of one week.
2. However, the real-dollar impact on the auto industry (or on any other tangible measure you like) of the program is modest at best.
3. The true impact is psychological, working quite efficiently to change the public outlook.


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