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What the hell was the WWF thinking?

Comparing the 9/11 terror attacks to the 2005 Tsunami in the name of respecting the power of mother nature wasn’t bad because it was shocking. It was just bad.

Halo Strong. Army Strong.

At a recruiting cash burn rate of nearly $100 million per month, the US Army is getting creative.

Snow Leopards Helping Snow Leopards

New Snow Leopard imagery for Apple’s new operating system is spurring people to act on behalf of the real cats.

Lion’s Tap Shouldn’t Have Sued. At Least Not So Soon.

Lion’s Tap could have been smarter about when it chose to sue McDonald’s for trademark infringement. Starting with a viral campaign to build a groundswell of support would have made more sense.

Why does Build-A-Bear work and Ridemakerz not?

A quick study of mother/daughter, father/son interactions gives us clues why one marketing model works and another does not.


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