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“Branding CI: Challenges and Opportunities”

Could the “Great Recession” be just the opportunity the competitive intelligence (CI) industry needs to solidify its brand position?

Failure By Design: Crisis Management Pecha Kucha Presentation

Why what we are doing in corporate crisis management isn’t working . . . and what submarines, forest fires, and the 16th century English navy can teach us. [Originally presented a Pecha Kucha Night Minneapolis, February 20, 2010]

Barabasi, Foursquare, and the brave new world of location marketing

A new study provides the theoretic foundation of what we suspected all along: People are highly predictable animals.

3/50, Local Purchasing, and Irrational Behavior

The Buy Local movement has gained steam in the last 12 months, but is it sustainable?

The Japanese Hummer Green Machine

Hummer’s H3 model is enjoying success in Japan as a “green” vehicle. Go figure.

Jared’s gotten faaaaaaat!

Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle (and his recent weight gain) puts the company in a sticky situation regarding new FTC rules.

Who wants a watered-down Bimmer?

BMW’s new “Joy” campaign seems a bit down-market for the lux German brand.

The Politics of Personal Branding

Social networks Facebook and Twitter give us the wonderful opportunity to slit our own professional throats.

“91 degree water: Feels like you’re learning in a tub.”

Foss Swim Academy listened the concerns of little kids when it reaches out to parents.

Burger King’s (unemployed) legion of fans

Burger King is learning the hard way that its core 18-34 year old male demographic is disproportionately affected by the economic recession.

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