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What shelf space reduction means for niche brands

The trend towards brand portfolio reduction at retailers means smaller players will need to get creative.

News Flash! Camel Ads Work on Teen Girls

A marketing blitz for Camel’s No. 9 cigarette brand (supposedly aimed at adults) seems to have caught the fancy on teen girls. Big surprise.

You can’t “Leggo your Eggo” if you can’t get one

Production problems at Kellogg’s Eggo processing plant in Atlanta pose significant risks to the brand – and an opening for competitors.

Caribou Coffee: Anti-Starbucks no longer

With its recent rebrand, Caribou Coffee has left the Starbucks nest. The question: Is it ready?

Who wants to see the killer killer whale?

Perhaps paradoxically, Seaworld in Orlando might actually see an attendance boost stemming from the recent death of an orca trainer.


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