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Minor leagues, major benefits for SAYB

A little league cost cutting move should have a series of positive side benefits.

CR does a 180 on the 460

Toyota’s decision to halt sales of the Lexus GX 460 shows the power of the Consumer Reports brand.

Famous Dave’s, Price Framing, and the $5 Business Lunch

The average business lunch consumer mindset does not bode well for “middle of the road” dining options.

Jason Voiovich on the Competitive Intelligence Brand (podcast)

Jason Voiovich of Ecra Creative discusses his timely article “Branding CI: Challenges and Opportunities.” Competitive Intelligence has something of an identity crisis, and Jason describes the opportunity to create a true brand for the CI profession.

Blockbuster’s last best hope for survival

By locking Redbox and Netflix out of new movies for 28 days, Blockbuster hopes to drive people into their stores. It is unlikely to work.


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