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“Branding CI: Challenges and Opportunities”

Could the “Great Recession” be just the opportunity the competitive intelligence (CI) industry needs to solidify its brand position?

Fruit + Vegetable = Body Care Marketing Gold

Key Points:
1. The body and hair care market has seen an explosive rise in the number of fruit and vegetable-derived product ingredients.
2. The trend can be traced to the small – but rapidly growing – organic market as a whole, even if mainline market products are not really all that natural.
3. If you feel up to it, you too can create the next big product line, just follow my simple guide!

Losing “Freedom” won’t be easy

1. Leasing for the new One World Trade Center has proven difficult, and the name “Freedom Tower” was complicating matters. The Port Authority dropped it.
2. Risk analysts point to the name’s symbolism as a reason for terrorists to again target the site.
3. However, emergent branding tells us “Freedom Tower” is here to stay anyway, and planners would do well to take advantage of it.

Wisconsin’s new slogan might be ill advised, but it is not illegal.

Key Points:
1. Wisconsin’s new slogan has some individuals and companies in quite a tiz over possible trademark infringement.
2. This common string of words, however, isn’t really “protectable” in a meaningful way.
3. This is not a legal, but rather a branding problem: Wisconsin’s slogan fails the “uniqueness” test.

Who really is the low price leader?

Key Points:
1. Claims made by major grocery retailers regarding low prices are not always warranted by an objective review.
2. Grocers (and other retailers) use common techniques – low price shockers, non-comparable packaging, and consistent advertising to nevertheless reinforce this perception.
3. That brand position has paid off materially for Wal-Mart, and hurt Target, even though the two retailers closely track and match each other’s pricing.

Spring Break in Mexico: Stay or Go?

Key Points:
1. Increased violence along the U.S./Mexico border has led the U.S. State Department to issue a travel advisory.
2. The warning has spooked some parents, but many younger spring break travelers are taking it all in stride. For now.
3. This issue has the potential to damage the image of Mexico as a tourist destination; they should act now to inoculate the issue.

Sea Kittens: The latest head-scratcher from PETA

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Key Points: 1. PETA hopes renaming fish “Sea Kittens” will change attitudes, leading to less fish consumption as food. 2. Ridiculous on its face, the campaign ignores thousands of years of cultural programming. 3. Worse yet, PETA risks losing the slim credibility it still maintains with the mainstream public. […]

Why generics won’t catch on. Even now.

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group Lets hear it for social experiments! There is nothing quite like a down economy to inspire creative journalists to fancy themselves academic researchers. Earlier this month, the TODAY Show’s Janice Lieberman decided to have some fun with the average brand-centric family. The complete article is an amusing read. Enlisting […]

Guns N’ Roses vs. Dr. Pepper

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group I am not sure who exactly at Dr. Pepper headquarters thought this was a good idea. The oddly-flavored soft drink peddler decided to give everyone in the United States a free Dr. Pepper on one condition: The venerable Guns N’ Roses needed to release their 17-year-belated studio album – […]

Only the strong (retailer) shall survive

Author: Jason Voiovich Ecra Creative Group We are seeing retailing Darwinism playing out as we speak. Last week, the warnings were grim. Holiday spending – the key indicator for retailing (and many would argue, economic) health – would show a marked decrease from the same period last year for two good reasons: (1) The obvious: […]

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